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Hair weaves have come a long way from the days of the “Hey, hey—that’s not fair! Give the horses back their hair!” taunts of yesteryear, to becoming practically scientific in nature. Today experienced weave-wearers walk into hair shops and happily plunk down their debit cards in exchange for human hair bought by the ounce and weft.

Indique Virgin Indian Hair, a 25-year veteran company that produces luxurious Indian human hair extensions and is on the pulse of all the latest hair enhancements, dishes out some tips on how to make your weave more versatile this fall. Check it out:

Indique Fall Hair Tips

The No-Cut Hair Cut
Want a modern, short hair-cut without actually cutting your natural hair? Saniece Hunter, Weave Master at the Peacock Lounge in New York City is a pro at servicing the exclusive Rubberband Weave. This special weave service gives you a smooth and realistic style without the use of braids or glue. Indique’s Hand-Tied hair form the PURE Collection provides the optimal performance allowing the hair to lie down extremely flat at the nape of the neck. The complete look is short and sassy for a girl on the go who wants her hair to grow.

Re-Invent Your Curly Indique Hair
Don’t stash away your summer curls. Smooth them out for the fall. Indique PURE Collection, Curly can be smoothed out beautifully to a fabulous straight look. Take a dab of smoothing serum for extra protection. Run it through your hair, take a quality tourmaline or ceramic flat-iron and a small-tooth comb. Run the small-tooth comb through the hair directly in front of the flat-iron to help smooth out the hair. Now you have beautiful, flowing straight hair with lots of body!

Easy Color Options
Follow the fall hair trends with rich hair color. You can achieve vibrant highlights by adding a few rows of Indique’s Hysteria Collection Hair. Chunks of vibrant color can also be achieved by cutting 3 inch pieces from the weft and strategically placing them in your natural hair or sew on onto your existing weave. The process is simple, the results are amazing and most important, it’s non-damaging.

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