Two Inches More Hair

Did you know?… The majority of women in India do not trim the ends of their hair?  The women in India definitely practice a ritual of intense deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis. This deep conditioning ritual is actually #1 on the ‘Must-Do’ list, right next to eyebrow threading.  The wonderful treatments give the hair strength and luster.  The lack of trimming the hair leaves the natural ends of the hair thinner in comparison to the rest of the hair. 

Indique gives you the extra hair plus more options when it comes to your style of choice.

You can wear these ends!  Many of our clients love the look of thinner ends because it really gives them that natural look… as if they grew the hair straight from they’re heads! There’s no denying that look!  See an example of Isces’ hair below.  She has Indique’s 18” Curly hair from the PURE Collection.  With the extra two; she really has 20” hair installed.





You still obtain your length!   Our clients who prefer a more polished look are always happy.  They purchase the 10” hair. Go to the salon to have it installed and cut.  The stylist trims off 2 inches of hair to allow for the cut.  Our client leaves the salon with the original 10 inches of hair they paid for in the beginning.

Indique Salon Partners love having the extra two inches of hair!  It gives them a little bit more wiggle room to work with when they’re cutting.

Take advantage of the extra two and experience Indique hair today!