The Highs of Highlighting!

We’ve all have tried highlighting our hair at one time or another but did you ever wonder why this color technique was so popular. There a significant benefits in highlighting your hair that may help you when deciding if you should do it or what color to pick. Check out the tips below:

1) First decide whether you want highlights or lowlights. Highlights will lighten and brighten your hair while lowlights will deepen and darken your hair. Blondes and gold tones are typically used for highlights, while reds, plums and auburn tones are used for lowlights.

2) When streaking your hair remember it’s best to keep the color choices to no more than three tones. Any more and the colors may over power one another losing their hue quality.

3) During winter months highlights or lowlights can help to brighten you up. At this time of year, many women's hair is naturally lighter on the ends after spending time in the sun during the summer. As a result, hair often takes on a dull, drab appearance. Highlights and lowlights can really brighten up your look.

So take a semi walk on the wild side and add a pop of color to your hair this season. Try using our Hysteria collection!