Hair Growth 101

What you put into your body, must come out! Get your mind out of the gutter ladies, that’s not quite what we’re referring too! Somehow, someway, those french fries and ice cream binges are coming out in your everyday walk of life whether you’re feeling sluggish, picking up extra pounds or experiencing breakouts. This also remains true for your hair! In order to achieve amazingly healthy hair that grows fast and strong, you must pay close attention to the foods and drinks that you consume. When you can’t seem to monitor every single morsel that you eat, there’s one thing that seems to do the trick no matter what.  A good hair supplement! Below are a few supplements that will really take your healthy hair growth to the next level!

Vitamin-D3- Healthy hair starts with a healthy hair growth cycle. Vitamin-D tells our hair to grow already! It also promotes a strong and healthy follicle which produces strands that are less likely to break off.

Biotin- Wow! This stuff is sure to promote fast and healthy hair growth. Be sure to drink PLENTY of water with your dosage, include an additional vitamin- B complex and throw  a few fruits and veggies  into your diet for a sure kick in your new hair growth.

Viviscal- This supplement is great for thickening  areas of our hair that are lacking due to excessive styling and pulling i.e. your  leave-out. This supplement is great for stimulating re-growth and thickness along your edges, and promoting stronger strands. Viviscal is packed with proteins, plant extracts, and vitamins.

Use these power supplements as instructed by your physician along with a healthy diet. You’ll be sure to see results within two months or so.