Bad Hair Day?

No problem......we all have them! Here are a few ways to turn that bad hair day into a fashion statement…

Scarf- Choose a gorgeous scarf that’s eye catching and offers a nice contrast to your outfit. Tie it in a funky knot or wrap it into a turban. You’ll be sure to turn heads!

Top Bun- Yes! We all fell in love with the top bun trend and it’s still one of our favorite go-to’s! Pull your hair up as tight as you can and add a little volume and bulk with hair extensions, a beautiful ribbon or a funky scarf. You can also use your scarf to cover your tracks if you happen to be wearing hair extensions already.

Messy- Sometimes, messy hair makes a bigger statement than perfect hair. It’s more organic and it gives off an “effortless beauty” vibe. Play with your make up and do a subtle eye with a little with a pop of color on your lips. Add big eye catching earrings, and your good to go. Try it!

Hat- Is your hat game up to par? In case of an emergency hot date or night out with the girls, every woman needs the perfect hat to throw on as she’s darting out the door. Collect a few different types of hats in different styles. You’ll be sure to take your bad hair days to a fashion statement days in no time!