DROP DEAD DNA: Charli Baltimore and Daughters Sianni Love and India Christin [Exclusive Photos]

Check out these amazing shots of Charli Baltimore and her gorgeous daughters; models Sianni Love and India Christin on the rooftop of the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles, Trea Day Management, BMB Entertainment and Synergy7 brought together a team of the industry's baddest creative and GLAM God's to capture their evolved beauty and showcase their individuality! Charli Baltimore is currently working on her new album ETHOS on BMB Records. All three lovely ladies are pictured wearing Indique Hair from the SEA and Hysteria collections! 

Charli Baltimore: Alexander McQueen Blazer/Tom Ford Shoes

Sianni Love: Rebekah Ryan Jumper/Puma Shoes

India Christin: Rebekah Ryan Two Piece White/Black Jumper/ Pumas Shoes

*All accessories used in this shoot were from Bella Liza

Creative Director/Photographer: Sheron Barber; @sheronbarber

Assistant Photographer: Juliana Bernstein; @gettiny

Producer: Trea Davenport; @treadavenport

Co Producer: Christopher Jones; @joneseffects

Wardrobe Stylist: Kailani Raye; @kailaniraye

Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Maribel Friasl; @maryjane198925

Make Up Artist: Natasha H; @tasha_muah

Make Up Artist: Jackee Gee; @jackeegee

Charli's Hairstylist: Sylvia Stankowski; @sjshairdesign

India and Sianni's Hairstylist: Taco Yarbrough; @tacoreign

Luxury Extensions: Indique Hair; @ILoveIndique