Weather the Storm: How to Make Your Shoes Last

Fall is here and soon winter will be knocking on our doors. Leather and Suede boots are more than a statement for both seasons, they are a "must have." With the snow and rain our boots and shoes go through trenches and sometimes barely make it by the end of the seasons. Leather is skin and it needs to be cleaned and moisturized. Taking preventative steps, like adding sole quads and spraying the leather can add years to the life of your shoes. 

Unlike leather, Suede requires a little more maintenance. If you douse shoes with a leather-protectant spray every few months it will create a shield that keeps water and grime from penetrating. If you get caught in the rain with either leather or suede boots stuff your shoes with paper towel or newspaper when you get home. It will help to keep the shape. Try these tips and your boots or shoes should stay durable throughout the season.