Benefits of a Beauty Blender

Are you looking for a makeup applicator that will leave you looking flawless and fabulous? The Beauty Blender is an excellent product. It is a non-dispensable sponge that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup. This product is designed to be eco-friendly and comes with a pamphlet so that you can quickly master your application technique. Five Benefits of using a beauty blender:

1. It is extremely versatile. You are able to use just one sponge for any type of makeup such as concealer, highlighting under the eyes, loose powder etc.
2. The blender is reusable. It offers the opportunity to wash after use with the cleanser that should be provided in packaging.
3. It is sure to give you a natural and flawless look.
4. When wet it doubles in size and will return to its original size when it is dry.
5. It lasts up to three to six months if cared for properly.  
This is such a fantastic sponge and is used on many celebrities. The blender is a fresh applicator that does not provide a cakey look and makes doing makeup fun.This product can be purchased at your local retailer. 

beauty blender.png