Perfect Vacation Hair

If this winter weather has you in a funk, it might be time to book a vacation. The hot sun, cool breeze and effortless wash and go styles are all just a flight away. Here are a few tropical destinations and hair that will be perfect to wear on your well deserved vacation.
1. Barbados


When we think about Barbados we think about fun festivals, the pretty blue Caribbean sea and white sand. This is the perfect place to unwind. Wear something big, beautiful and bold like our BOUNCE Deep Wave hair. It has the perfect curl pattern. You can go to the beach and leave with the same curls you came with. Fluff it out when it dries for that big hair look that we love so much.



You can spend your time snorkeling and seeing all of the beautiful sea life or spend your time on land in front of the volcanoes (it's a sight to see). Sea Tahitian Curl will work well in Bali. No need to pack the curling irons and flat irons. Wear this wavy hair throughout your vacation. After snorkeling you'll look like a beautiful mermaid parading out of the sea.

3. Maldives


Enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean, have some fun doing water sports or go on an excursion. Whatever you do, wear your Pure Curly hair. The tighter curls are perfect to wear for your water activities during the day and easy to straighten for a late night stroll on the beach and dinner with a few friends.