Studio Fishnet

The Studio Fishnet comes in a variety of textures--Pure Wavy, Straight, and Curly along with Bounce Relaxed Straight-- colors, and is the perfect solution for women who are on the go that would prefer to stay in the 'no-commitment zone' when it comes to wearing extensions. The inter-woven 9 wefts of hair creates a net-like base that adds fullness and length to your hair for a natural look and feel. It's sleek, simple, and it clips easily into the hair. Hair stylists can also utilize the Fishnet to cut their styling time in half while on set for photo shoots, magazine spreads, and runway appearances. Look at how elegant and high end this model looks when styled by Partner Stylist Ericka Murchison with the Studio Fishnet Pure Curly 22"! Retweet your favorite hair stylist so they can see what the Fishnet is all about.