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Indique hair is all about versatility. After straightening my Pure Curly, I used Xtreme Instant Heat™ Multisized Hot Rollers to add full, beautiful, bouncy Hollywood curls instantly without having to sit under the dryer or the use of a curling iron.  How about my Pure Staight  lovers? Are you ready to transition your sleek look for a special occasion? Hot Rollers can give flat hair body in as long as it takes you to get ready in the morning.  There’s nothing I love more than hair tools that makes it easier to get ready. Simply, roll you hair before getting dressed. Afterwards, take down rollers; finger through hair and your ready for a day’s worth of bountiful curls.  Both the clips and there rollers are heated for extra hold, and infused with ceramic technology for better heat transfer.  Try them today! You won’t be disappointed! Visit  Conair’s offical site today, this set is a necessity. Xtreme Instant Heat™ Multisized Hot Rollers  are $41.99 and well worth the price. 

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