Your Chicest day at the Beach

There are only four weekends left until Labor Day. Listen, no tears!

Let’s make the most of the rest of Summer. Every weekend at the beach needs to be an epic moment of utter chic-ness.

Take notes from our good friends at Net-a-Porter; a mesh swimsuit never steered anyone in the wrong direction!


A Love Letter to Versace


Dear Donatella-

You have been making some of the sultriest pieces of clothing for some time.

But this shoe-THIS shoe-is the OFFICIAL shoe of Saturday night!

Seven inches of perfection is worth practicing walking in in your apartment before a night out on the town.

You know the shipping address. We are expecting our packages on Monday.



Net-a-Porter Certified: The Evening Flat


What was once declassé is now chic!

Ladies, you can save your feet because the evening flat is what needs to dominate your wardrobe this season.

As a alternative to the prerequiste 5 incher, Net-a-Porter has a gorgeous array of bejeweled, metallic, or embellished flats that will for sure garner tons of convos about your footwork!


Beach Ready with Michael Kors!



The Memorial Day countdown has begun…is your first beach look of the season ready?

Don’t have a banging swimsuit with a lackluster beach bag! Look pulled together and on trend with this Michael Kors Jet Set Tote…and get ready for people to interrupt your fun in the sun all day, asking you where you got it! #WERK

Winter Essentials: The Jumpsuit

As the holiday invites start to come in, you will need a slew of looks. You can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit.

Yes, a gym membership is required to effectively pull off this Balmain number, but who can deny the utter flyness of this look?!

IT is worth the 3 pairs of Spanx!

INDIQUE New York: Winter Wish List

The only thing better than perfect hair? The perfect hat.

This winter, I want a delicious topper. The type of hat that is an instant conversation starter, and will go with anything to give it that extra oomph.

This Gucci fedora is definitely lust-worthy, but there are plenty of affordable options on the scene that will make the girls gag all season long.

Just don’t forget your travel-size brush to get rid of hat hair…