A Taste of Morocco

A trip for adventurist who love a thrill Morocco offers cultured experiences that one can only imagine.  From camel rides into the horizon to culinary delights the infectious spirit of the country will pull you in.  Be it a simple trip to the market or the hidden gardens of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech, Morocco is on our dream destination list! Will you join us?


Dream Getaway: Virgin Gorda Cliffs

Exclusive relaxation is what you can expect when vacaying at the Virgin Gorda Cliffs.  Nestled in Oil Nut Bay the small enclave in the British Islands offers stunning blue waters and breathtaking landscapes.  Outdoor perks include plunging pools and terraces which over look the Caribbean Sea.  The property only accessible by helicopter or boat brings new meaning to the old saying get away!


Vacation Hair, Curls & Waves: Don't Leave Home Without...

No matter where you're headed, keep your spring and summer styles looking fab by bringing along these items.

1. Small Spray Bottle - A few spritz will revive your waves/curls, mix water with a little Indique Essential Moisturizing Conditioner or Argan Oil for an added boost.

2. Big Tooth Comb - This will be your best friend, ensuring that product gets evenly distributed and help to divide sections for nighttime braids and twists.

3. Good Hair Ties - You can sport a quick bun or ponytail during activities and workouts.

4. Hair Wrap - Bring along your satin wrap to protect your tresses at night.

5. Curling Wand - The perfect tool to define and dress up your texture for a night out on the town, in any town.

Curly Hair.jpg