Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way…

Did you know that biting into fresh fruits is a great natural way to brighten your smile? Or maybe you’ve heard of the old baking soda and fresh lemon trick? Interesting that when taking a picture, you’re used to hearing “say cheese!”… well ironically, eating cheese is a great way to build and maintain the strength of your tooth enamel which is key in whitening! And last but not least, literally brushing your teeth with crushed strawberries is a sure way to whiten those teeth as well! Give’em a try!


white teeth.jpg

Bold Lips, Bright Smile!

It's officially Spring and bold lip colors are this season's hot trend! Bold lip colors require a bright smile. Although your teeth may not look discolored, wearing bright pinks, reds or oranges can make your teeth look less than pearly white. Over the counter teeth whitening systems are a great investment.