Create Your Space

For the past 15 years I've never lived in one place for more than two years. I have moved 10 times and and four states, literally chasing my dreams. My friends always laughed at me when I decorated my dorm or painted every apartment or house I lived in. I lived in every type of place, a studio apartment, one bedroom, two bedroom, town house, house etc. The one thing I did was make my place "my" space.

I live in the moment and enjoy what I'm doing, whatever that is. I've learned that nothing is promised and to make the best of the moment. Every new place was a new start, a fresh canvas, and a place of opportunity. My little studio was the coziest. I lived in hood apartment complex in Van Nuys, Ca. It was my first place, by myself, wayyyy across the country. All my life I have lived with someone, always had company, there was always some one. This was the first time my house was quiet. This was where I found myself. I walked into this little room with a kitchen and told myself that I'm going to turn this place into my little oasis. I painted the walls, hung curtains and pictures, had get-togethers and created "my" space. Some people would have walked into that little place and cried, I turned into a the :"Blue Lagoon."  It wasn't much, but I made everyone feel comfortable when they walked in. They forgot where they were when the door closed. If you have a little cheap place, or a big mansion, spend a little money on some paint and accessories and "live" in it. Turn your house into a home. It will make a world of a difference.