Food and Fitness


The main component in being fit is the fuel you put into your body. I've always been fascinated with food and creating new dishes. When my mother and father used to cook when we were little, It always amazed how they knew what they were doing. I was kind of scared to grow up and learn how to cook. It wasn't until I was 21 and moved into my own apartment. I was a senior in college, no food court, no dining, and on a strict "college struggle" budget. This is when I called my grand mother and asked how to make baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and yams. That was my first meal that I was proud of and made by myself. 

I realized when I was in the kitchen I could create something for people. I loved that people actually liked my food and were coming to me for recipes and pointers. The next few years I had a lot of injuries and a lot of pent up pain and anxiety. Cooking was a stress reliever when I couldn't work out. I realized that I had to eat right to maintain a healthy state of mind and a strong body. I would look up different foods to eat that were healthy and appetizing at the same time. I can't stand bland food, greasy food and dry chicken. Cooking also taught me patience and made me pay attention. If I didn't pay attention, the food would burn, If i didn't use the right heat levels and monitor it would dry out. I used the same aspects of cooking in my everyday life with people. Pay attention, use a gentle touch and stay focused. Food is the fuel to keep your body going. I don't think my career would have been this long or my body would have been in this condition if I didn't right.