Style Survey: Indique Boston

The girls at Indique Boston share the best tips they’ve gotten for keeping their hair healthy and beautiful.


“To keep hair shiny and color lasting longer, wash your hair in cooler water and blast it with ice cold water right before you get out of the shower.”

“I also use biosilk religiously especially after I shower. I let my hair air dry for about 10 minutes then apply the oil halfway down my hair avoiding the roots and let it sit then blow dry and style as normal.”


I read somewhere that it’s actually best to condition your hair first and shampoo it after. Most people do it the other way around, but it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your hair.”

“A lot of times the conditioner may not be completely washed out so shampooing afterwards ensures that all traces of product and any residue is removed. My hair is much more silky, shiny and manageable when I do this, and I get much less oil buildup between washes.”


“I use Aquage products for my hair. My favorite is the Uplifting Foam to make my fine hair look extra full. It’s easy to use and doesn’t weigh down my hair. Afterwards I use their finishing spray, which is more of a light mist, to add shine.