Steve Jobs: Allowing us All to THINK DIFFERENT

I remember my first “notebook” being a blueberry mac. It was blue & white and when I pressed the on button for the first time, a smily face computer welcomed me. There weren’t many “apps” or too many cool functions, but the design to me, was revolutionary. I became an avid Apple supporter and was always the first in line for their new products. 

When the Iphone was first launched, I remember watching Steve Jobs and saying, “how can a phone get any better?”. I thought the same with the first edition Ipad. Steve Jobs entire concept for his products was to “Think Different”. He encouraged forward thinking and was never afraid to fail. Thank you Steve Jobs for creating products that are designed from the inside to out. Thank you for creating a team of designers that are fashion forward. And lastly thank you Steve Jobs for making computer techies the cool kids on the block!