Mia loves BOUNCE Organic Curl!

Check out Mia’s review below:

“This is the hair that I won from the Indique Bounce Curl Contest. Since I won, I wanted to provide a review. I love this hair. It was installed by Mo-Mo Haitiandiva Morilus of HDStylez. It’s a full head sew in with no leave out. The curl texture is slightly tighter than the bounce curl used to be, but i like it better. The tighter curl pattern in no way affects the amount of strand loss, in fact, despite the kinkier pattern, I lose less strands than any other brand of hair I’ve used. In the picture on the top left, this was before I washed it for the first time. After I washed it the first time (I did a twist out that day, see top right pic), the hair begins to look more and more natural with each wash (see the bottom right and bottom left for pics of the hairs natural “wash and go” texture). People just assume this is my hair. Washing is such an easy process. Detangling takes less than 5 minutes, and all I do is blowdry the roots to make sure my braided hair underneath is dry. I would definitely recommend this hair and would definitely purchase it in the future, although I don’t think I will need to do that anytime soon, as the hair is holding up magnificently. Thanks Indique”

You’re welcome Mia!