Big, Bold, Attention-Grabbing Hair

Sleek, straight hair can be beautiful, but nothing does more for your look than big, bold, attention grabbing hair. If you already have a great length, you’ll want to maximize on volume by curling your tightly using small flexi-rods or by utilizing the Bantu-Knot method. For instant-glam, use textures like Organic Curl and Coil Curl from the Bounce Collection to achieve jaw-dropping curls and coils. The curly look is for any nationality and this season is the perfect time to step out the box!

Extensions 101: Picking the Right Texture

BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture

BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture

Picking the right extensions isn't as easy as it sounds. You want your extensions to look natural, like it is growing out of your scalp. Therefore, it is important that the texture you pick blends with your hair in its natural state or when it is pressed. Our Pure and Hysteria collections are our silkiest hair collections. To blend with the Pure or Hysteria collection, your natural hair doesn't have to be NATURALLY straight, curly or wavy. It can, but if it is not, your hair should silken out nicely when pressed to blend well with the extensions. If you want to wear Pure Curly, Straight or Wavy and are worried about blending the texture with your natural hair, we offer closures so that blending won't be an issue.

Our BOUNCE and SEA collections have been through a three day steam process to achieve the textures. If your natural hair has a natural deep wave or a tight curl to it then our BOUNCE Deep Wave, Coil Curl or Organic Curl textures will blend well with your hair. If your hair isn't the natural texture of these tightly curled pieces, be sure you are able to manipulate your hair with heat, rollers, braids or twists to match the texture of your extensions. Our BOUNCE Natural Roots, BOUNCE Relaxed Straight and SEA Zen Straight textures are made to blend with natural African-American hair when it is straightened. If your hair is a little more thick and coarse than our Pure Straight texture then our straight textures in the BOUNCE and SEA collections will work well for you.

The same rules that apply to our Pure and Hysteria collections apply to our BOUNCE Beach Wave and SEA Tahitian curl extensions. These textures shouldn't have heat applied to them, however, you can apply heat to your natural hair to blend with these curl patterns. If your natural hair is fine or silky (or a similar texture can be achieved when heat is applied), simply curl it to match the texture.

Solange Graces the Cover of Complex

Solange flaunts her hot bod and hot hair on the newest issue of Complex Mag. BIG Curly hair is a summer essential for this upcoming season. Textured hair is perfect for the summer because it allows little to no heat manipulation to your natural hair. No need to bring out the flat iron this season. No more slaving over the mirror straightening out your natural hair so it blends with the straight or wavy extensions. A spray bottle filled with water for daily maintenance for the extensions and a small wave wand for height and volume are all you need. Try any of Indique's curly textures like PURE Curly, BOUNCE Deep Wave, BOUNCE Coil Curl, or BOUNCE Organic Curl to achieve this look. 

Indique Hair & Black Bride Presents: Honeymoon Giveaway!

Are you planning a tropical fantasy honeymoon and want luscious, full and hassle free hair? Well here is your chance to win the honeymoon hair of your dreams! We have teamed up with BlackBride.Com to offer one lucky bride-to-be beautiful extensions  that are perfect for a honeymoon getaway! Enter our Honeymoon Hair Contest  for your chance to win Bounce Organic Curl !


The Captivating style of Ebony Bones!

The British singer, song writer, record producer, and actress, Ebony Bones, has an amazing sense of style that we couldn’t over look. Not only is Ebony musically talented, but she also designs her own clothes even though she says she’s not that into fashion. The lovely Rihanna used one of Mrs. Bones’ original design in her Rude Boy video.

Of course we can’t forget about her amazingly colored mane! The Bounce Organic Curl will give you Ebony’s killer hair style!

Mia loves BOUNCE Organic Curl!

Check out Mia’s review below:

“This is the hair that I won from the Indique Bounce Curl Contest. Since I won, I wanted to provide a review. I love this hair. It was installed by Mo-Mo Haitiandiva Morilus of HDStylez. It’s a full head sew in with no leave out. The curl texture is slightly tighter than the bounce curl used to be, but i like it better. The tighter curl pattern in no way affects the amount of strand loss, in fact, despite the kinkier pattern, I lose less strands than any other brand of hair I’ve used. In the picture on the top left, this was before I washed it for the first time. After I washed it the first time (I did a twist out that day, see top right pic), the hair begins to look more and more natural with each wash (see the bottom right and bottom left for pics of the hairs natural “wash and go” texture). People just assume this is my hair. Washing is such an easy process. Detangling takes less than 5 minutes, and all I do is blowdry the roots to make sure my braided hair underneath is dry. I would definitely recommend this hair and would definitely purchase it in the future, although I don’t think I will need to do that anytime soon, as the hair is holding up magnificently. Thanks Indique”

You’re welcome Mia!

Two-Strand Twist Set on your Organic Curl!

At night to prepare for bed do a two-strand twist set on your BOUNCE Organic Curl. 

  • Take a spray bottle and lightly saturate your hair.
  • Cocktail Indique French Argan Oil and your favorite curl defining creme and rake it through your hair.
  • Use your paddle brush and brush from ends to root for each section that you are going to twist.
  • In the morning, simply undo the twist and mist your hair with water to refresh your coils!

Pump up the Volume!

Fall’s biggest hair trend is curls,curls, and more curls!  We recommend our Bounce Organic Curl texture for ultimate volume and big hair that’s in a class all by itself!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter our BOUNCE Organic Curl Facebook Contest! Check it out here. Select Photo Contest on our Fan Page to find out more details!

The Williams Sisters' Curly tresses!

Guess who we found at Cantor Fitzgerald & BGC Partners’ Annual Charity Day in New York City the other day? The tennis star, Venus Williams, attended the event which benefited charities worldwide.

Her sister, Serena Williams, was also seen wearing a heavily textured style on the Late Show with David Lettermen last month. The Williams sisters look Amazing! All of our Indique Lovers can replicate this voluminous style with the Bounce Organic Curl, which was re-released today!     


Made in America Recap!

The Made in America Music Festival was a huge success! It drew a crowd of 45,000+ that came to support the United Way and the Philadelphia Public Schools! Jay-Z, Kayne West, Pearl Jam, Jill Scott, and more, performed during this two-day festival. The crowd, very diverse, was packed with music enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and people that just wanted to rock out to RUN DMC! Indique was there in full attendance sporting amazing hair textures such as PURE Wavy, BOUNCE Coil Curl, and the much anticipated BOUNCE Organic Curl. Check out a sneak peak of photos below.

New Indique Friends Join the Fun Above!

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