*Available Today* SEA Collection introduces: Zen Straight

Discover the secret of the orient

— vibrant, lustrous, virgin hair from South East Asia first available in Zen Straight. Indiqué’s SEA Collection offers untold beauty from an unexpected source.

See SEA Zen Straight in Action:

Using our strongest wefting method yet, each piece of SEA Collection hair is guaranteed to be non-shedding, tangle-free, and effortlessly manageable. With each piece of SEA, you can expect thick, strong hair with a consistent fullness almost completely throughout along with unrivaled longevity. The slight taper at the ends can be kept to provide the look of a natural grow-out state, or can easily be trimmed to achieve your desired style. 

From March 27 through April 3rd, enjoy 20% OFF SEA Zen Straight at our NYC, Queens, South Orange and Boston Indiqué Boutiques, www.indiquehair.com (use promo code ZEN20 in your cart), or by placing your order over the phone by calling Customer Care at 877.556.4247