The Grecian Braided Headband

Use Indique’s Zen Straight or Pure Wavy hair to create a healthy long lasting headband. The braided acccesory is versatile, simple to create, and adds some Grecian glam. Follow these easy steps: 

1. Hold the hair and braid it from the wefted root to the ends.

2. Place the braid around your head in the desired style.

3. Pin it in place with a few hair pins.

Who knew hair could have so many different uses!


We’ve talked about the summer trend of pelpum tops, dresses, and skirts but the latest trend for fall brings us the Pelpum Belt! Check out these awesome looks for inspiration and get to pelpuming your closet! P.S…Check out the center part sleek hair situation on the runway! You can get this look with PURE Straight, BOUNCE Relaxed Straight, or SEA Zen Straight!

Let's Get it Straight!

Trying to achieve a super sleek look for the fall now that cooler weather is here?  Try using a straightening balm while hair is towel dried before blow drying to seal in straightness.  After your hair has been dried, apply a dime sized amount of our French Argan Oil to lock in shine and flat iron.  For ultimate straight sleek hair try our ZEN Straight or PURE Straight Texture and let your hair lead the way!

Fall Hair: Zen Straight

Raise your hands if you have already started contemplating your look for Fall!

SEA Zen Straight is a texture that will give you versatility and movement, you can go from sleek to coiffed with ease.

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Gabrielle: SEA Zen Straight


Gabrielle of Indique Hair, sports the SEA Zen Straight. She styled her hair today with a flat iron to create loose curls. She says: “The SEA Zen Straight curls very easily and it lasts for multiple days. It also has amazing movement and body. I am wearing 2 tubes of 20” and my ends were trimmed.”

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*Available Today* SEA Collection introduces: Zen Straight

Discover the secret of the orient

— vibrant, lustrous, virgin hair from South East Asia first available in Zen Straight. Indiqué’s SEA Collection offers untold beauty from an unexpected source.

See SEA Zen Straight in Action:

Using our strongest wefting method yet, each piece of SEA Collection hair is guaranteed to be non-shedding, tangle-free, and effortlessly manageable. With each piece of SEA, you can expect thick, strong hair with a consistent fullness almost completely throughout along with unrivaled longevity. The slight taper at the ends can be kept to provide the look of a natural grow-out state, or can easily be trimmed to achieve your desired style. 

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