Get Your Hair Pool Side Ready!

The weather is beautiful and it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or kick it pool side.  Before you hit the tide keep these tips handy to ensure your mane remains “Indiqued” in or out the water:

1) Rinse your hair before getting into the water.  When hair is wet it’s less prone to absorb the chemicals from chlorine or salt water.

2) For added protection wet your hair and use a spray bottle to apply a light leave in conditioner.  The conditioner creates another barrier to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in the water which could damage or dry out your tresses post swim.

3) Lastly try braiding or twisting your hair before taking a dip to avoid fully submerging all your loose ends in the water.  Not only will the braid protect your mane, but it’s also stylish and will make for killer waves on and off the shore!