PURE Wavy in 16” is Indique’s Product of the Month for April, 2015!

It's that time again! We've decided on the highlight product for the month of April. This month, all of our lovely clients have the opportunity to receive 15% off of PURE Wavy 16". PURE Wave is one of the favorite hair textures for many of our celebrities clients. Easter is approaching quickly, you should try PURE Wavy for your Easter hair style.

Indique’s PURE Wavy texture is very versatile. This hair can be worn in one length or in layers. The natural wave pattern is simply gorgeous. This hair also holds curls beautifully and flat irons smooth and straight. PURE Wavy has a signature fall pattern that creates effortless movement and outstanding body. Each tube contains approximately 4 oz of hair. Shop online using the promo code PW1615 receive your discount. 

Gym Hair

Working out is essential to a healthy body, mind and spirit. Sometimes our hair is a deterrent from hitting the gym. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out these workout friendly hairstyles…

workout pony.jpg

Ponytail- You can never go wrong with a cute and quick pony!

workout high bun.jpg

High-Bun- The messier the better. Incorporate a head band to add a little flair!

workout scarf.jpeg

Scarf- Invest in an edge protector. These are lifesavers and will save your hair from heat damage.

workout braids.jpg

Braids- If you’re a swimmer, braiders are your best option. They are super easy to maintain and can be worn in many different styles!

Extensions… but not for your hair!

The new craze is eyelash extensions and we are seeing tons of divas rocking them now-a-days as opposed to your normal temporary strip eye lashes. So what exactly are the benefits of eyelash extensions anyways? Well, they last much longer than strip lashes. With lash extensions, you’re able to wear them for as long as you wish as they fall out with your natural eyelash growth cycle. All you have to do is get them refilled every 3 weeks or so! Also, no more fooling around with mascara! How cool is that? Also, you can get them installed to be as natural or dramatic as you wish! Move over Kim K, and hello eyelash extensions!



Meet K. Michelle in Philadelphia

We are excited to pick up K. Michelle's Rebellious Soul album at a store near us! Be the first to purchase her album at the f.y.e store, located at 100 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA, on August 13th to receive a wristband to meet the woman behind the music. There is nothing sweeter than meeting you fave artist and taking home an autographed album. 

After you meet K. Michelle, come over to Indique Philadelphia at 1607 South St. and learn more about how you can achieve her amazing hair styles because she loves to wear nothing but Indique hair!


Ombre This!

Ombre hair is just one of those hair styles that just won’t let up! The fading color phenomenon has traveled through every fashion outlet from blouses, dresses and even nails! Now it has traveled down to the pillars of fashion, that’s right ladies, our high heels. We love this shoe trend. An ombre heel whatever the color adds a futuristic spin on any outfit. Whether you‘re going for a professional chic look during the day, or a vibrant thang’ style at night this trend will make a statement.

Deep Conditioning on a Budget!

Summer’s in full bloom and deep conditioning is a must for your hair extensions in order to keep them looking healthy, luscious and fabulous! Deep conditioning treatments can be very expensive and there may be times when your budget calls for something a little more affordable. No worries ladies, we’ve got you. COCONUT OIL! Simply apply an ample amount of coconut oil to your extensions (avoiding the roots) prior to shampooing your hair. Let it sit in your extensions for as long as possible before shampooing your hair. You’ll notice less frizz and more manageable hair. Give it a try!


Coconut-Oil good for growing black hair.jpg

Tips and Tricks When Using Flexi Rods

Want to stay away from the heat from this summer? Try using Flexi Rods! The greatest invention for hair ever!  Flexi Rods are  foam rollers that bend, maneuver, and lock in place. They come in various colors to indicate varying sizes. These allow you to create a barrel curl without applying heat to your hair. Just be sure to use a light smoothing and frizz-free product while wrapping your hair around the rod. Make sure to wrap the hair on the rod from root to tip, then bend the rod so that the hair does not slip off. Flexi Rods are great for super curly hair as well as slighty wavy hair. Great for preserving loose big curls as well as creating tight curls. Try using the foam rods on our Product of the Month, BOUNCE Deep Wave for a heatless summer style! 


RECAP: Coachella Haute Hair

Indique was in full effect at the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival  capturing all the haute hair looks! Beautiful soft waves, flowers, head-dressing pieces, side swept curls, braids, and color were the hair styles for this season. We recommend mixing and matching textures for this season for a fresh new look and unique defined curl patterns. Checkout the amazing hair we snapped roaming the valley.  

Indique Hair Care Essentials: Dry Shampoo

Renew & revive your hair with Indique Hair Car Essentials' NEW Dry Shampoo! Our special formula removes oily patches and blends effortlessly with your natural color. It's the perfect choice for either your natural hair or extensions. Dry shampoo is a great way to refresh hair in between shampoos giving hair fullness and volum with lots of movement and body. 

Tip: Some of the staff at our boutiques have found the Dry Shampoo especially helpful when wearing bang styles!


5 Ways to Play Up Your Pony

Tired of your normal pinned up ponytail style? Try these 5 pick me up’s to take your pony from sleek to chic:

1) Braid the base: Use a tiny section of your ponytail to create a braid and wrap it around the exposed hair tie to disguise it.

2) Curl and Tease: This works best with a low side ponytail to give it a romantic soft look.

3) Add a headband or printed scarf: Dare to be wild by adding a nice accessory to catch an eye or two.

4) Create volume at the top: Play with the crown and sides to create a hump that gives you mega volume. Think Adele!

5) Braid it all up: Use the remaining hair from your ponytail to create a nice full braid that gives you a fashion forward around the way girl look!


Holiday Beauty: Our 5 Gift Set Faves

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here, and many of us are searching for the perfect gifts to spread excitement, joy, and cheer. Whether you’re looking for items to add to your list, or shopping for the beauty mavens in your life, these gift sets are sure to please.
1. 11-Piece Ultimate Gem Collection, e.l.f. eyeslipface.com
Add some glam to your makeup routine with these dazzling tools. 
Pink, red, purple, or nude? You can try them all! Sephora and OPI has done it again with their latest holiday mini nail color set. It comes with a a full size jewel top coat for some added fun.
Customize your day-to-day look, or illuminate and make your lips pop for holiday gatherings. NARS let’s you do lips your way.
This 3-in-1 bubble bath, shower gel, and shampoo, with matching lip gloss set covers all bases.
Perfect gift for the Indiquenista to maintain her lovely tresses.


Upcoming Boutique Events!!

Friday, November 30, 2012
Receive an easy tutorial on how to create five perfect work week hairstyles for the busy, modern, gal on the go! Sip on wine and chat about hair while unwinding from a long work week at 
INDIQUE South Orange.

Friday, November 30, 2012
Your real hair needs love too! Meet our resident stylist at 
INDIQUE SoHo and enjoy a glass of wine. Receive a consultation on hair care while wearing extensions using the best products and styling tools on the market.

Stay tuned for next week’s events at Indique Queens & Indique Boston!

Soul Train Awards: Beauty Edition



Music wasn’t the only focus at the 2012 Soul Train Awards, the ladies donned an assortment of picture perfect tresses. If you like it big and curly, short and straight, or somewhere in between, whatever your style it can be achieved with a variety of our Indique textures.


5 Ways to Add Flair to Your Hair

Sometimes a new look is just what we need to spruce up our look. Check out these simple 5 ways to take your hair from drab to fab:

1) Add Color: Whether it be an ever so daring ombre or subtle pop of color with highlights, changing your hair color can give your hair an instant make over.  Try asking your stylist to install a color from our Hysteria or Keratique collection.

2) Revamp Your Cut: Try applying fringe layers to your style. Angling your layers over one eye or opting for long lash sweeping bangs gives you instant sexy hair.

3) Change up Your Length: Instead of going for your normal 16” tube of Pure Wavy take a plunge and try the 20.” Elongating your hair length will give you a new look without any commitment to color or change in texture. On the opposite end if you always go for longer hair try a mid length or short bob to quickly change up your normal look.

 4) Layer Your Mane: Layers create movements and nothing draws attention to your hair like body; create your own wind ladies!

5) Straighten it Out: Straight hair that looks healthy and well maintained always turns head. Try using our Zen Straight texture a dime size amount of our Argan Oil Moisturizer and a durable flat iron. If you always opt for big body waves or curls, going straight will help to draw attention to your facial features and will also complement that great new eye shadow or lipstick you’ve been dying to break out.

Then and Now is more than an Instagram trend, try adding some flair to your Indique hair and tweet us a photo!

The Nape Undercut Gets Indiqued!


Indique staff is known for embracing new hair trends and making them our own.  When we saw the nape undercut making a comeback we couldn’t help but have one of our staffers give it a go.  Skye from Indique South Orange decided to take the plunge and it came out amazing! Thanks to Garvey and the Lucky 7 Expressions team in South Orange NJ for the amazing cut! Dare to be different ladies and cut away!

Get Your Hair Pool Side Ready!

The weather is beautiful and it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or kick it pool side.  Before you hit the tide keep these tips handy to ensure your mane remains “Indiqued” in or out the water:

1) Rinse your hair before getting into the water.  When hair is wet it’s less prone to absorb the chemicals from chlorine or salt water.

2) For added protection wet your hair and use a spray bottle to apply a light leave in conditioner.  The conditioner creates another barrier to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in the water which could damage or dry out your tresses post swim.

3) Lastly try braiding or twisting your hair before taking a dip to avoid fully submerging all your loose ends in the water.  Not only will the braid protect your mane, but it’s also stylish and will make for killer waves on and off the shore!




Summer rain isn’t the greatest of weather for free flowing hair.  What better way to accessorize and protect your tresses while remaining effortlessly chic you ask?  The easy-to-do head scarf is popping up on style radars and we’re sharing these stylish alternatives to glam-up against nature’s elements!