Extension Etiquette 101!

  • If your weave itches, pat rather than scratching in order to relieve the itch. Patting is a great technique because it will leave your style undisturbed. When using this technique please do so gently and discreetly.
  • After shampoo & conditioning your weave be sure to make sure that the braids underneath are completely dry. If the braids are not dried completely it can be damaging to your hair. It’s best to continue going to your stylist for up-keep.  Their hooded dryers will dry your hair completely and quickly. 
  • Your daily night routine is just as important as your morning  one. Whether it’s pin curls, two-strand twists, braids or wrapping in a circular motion; do the best technique necessary to maintain your style. Lastly, always wear a silk scarf or bonnet.