Top 3 Ways To Wear Crop Tops

If you are a little shy about wearing a crop top or you think you aren’t fashion savvy enough to pull it off, try these top 3 ways to crop your top in style:

1)      Pair it with a high waist skirt:  Go for a mid length pencil skirt like Beyonce.  By pairing your crop top with this skirt it will expose just enough skin to make your look sexy classy!

2)      Pair it with a high waist bottom:  We love printed slacks or wide leg pants.  Not only will it elongate your frame it helps to give the illusion of a smaller waist.  This one is our top pick!

3)      Pair it with a maxi skirt: Whether it’s a sheer maxi skirt or a high low maxi skirt adding a crop top will take your look from drab to fab by making it look more modern instead of polished



Baddie Bey Does it Again

Baddie Bey has done it again, in a beautifully executed shoot for FLAUNT Magazine. Apparently, the nude shoot was done back in 2011, and while sources are unsure at why it took so long for photos to be released, we are happy they have been put to good use. Always a fan of Mrs. Carter's hair, we love the blonde, side swept bombshell style. The bold tribal neck pieces make a for visually gorgeous imagery. We love the spread- take a look!


Trend Alert: Leather Shorts

Celebs are teaching us all how to extend our heavy textured clothing from season to season.  Try pairing your fall/winter shorts with nice chiffon tops and cute pumps or sandals to make them spring/summer appropriate just like Beyonce!



Keys to a Successful You

Forbes has released The World’s Most Powerful Women 2013 list and women all around are inspired by these icons to create the lifestyle you desire to lead. From First Lady Michelle Obama to Spanx founder Sara Blakely, it is more than apparent that the sky is the limit to your dream. That being said, here are some pointers for developing your personal empire of power! First off,  stop thinking about it and start doing it! Whatever you dream about owning, becoming, creating… now is the best time to finally act upon that dream. Action is the key.  Remember to be driven by something else rather than money.  Also, make sure you have deep industry knowledge of the area you are interested in participating in. If you’d like to style hair, you should be familiar with top stylist, creative techniques, and trendy coloring. The way to be the best at what you do, is to have understanding of every aspect of your interest. 2013 is the year of the winner- YOU! 

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 5.55.05 PM.png

Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter for H&M

Beyoncé gives us a sneak peek of her new song, 'Standing On The Sun,'  through her promotional video for H&M's summer collection which becomes available on May 2nd. Mrs. Carter takes us on a visual journey as sheembodies the different emotions of women represented by the four elements -- fire, water, earth and wind. Check out the video for these amazing pieces that will hit H&M soon!

King Bey Isabel Marants

Superstar and our absolute fave Beyonce teamed  up with PMK leaders in customizing sneakers to create King Bey Isabel Marants. Beyonce put these adorable sneakers with the hidden wedge on map when she wore them in the Love on top video from her 4 album. Beyonce understands how important it is to look cute and still be comfortable especially after becoming a mom, she's been seen walking all over with Blu Ivy in these sneakers, so it's only right PMK customizes her own. No date or price has been listed but we will keep you posted!

BaddieBey is POP Art

Beyonce strikes again with this FAB Pepsi ad. The Andy Warhol inspired piece features Beyonce wearing a blonde mane and pink matte lips along with turqoiorse blue eyeliner. Bey said on her FB page, "Pop Art inspires me to Live for NOW."

This FAB chick is taking the famous Oscar Wilde quotation,  "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" to a whole new meaning. And we love it! 

Beyhive Blog

The site exposes artwork from her diehard fans, street style photography, her inspirations and her current hot links; things she's reading, doing, wearing, loving, etc. A username and password are required to view the site.

Bold Prints Galore


Try mixing and matching some bold prints with the same consistent color. Beyonce has achieved this look with a black silhouette to make the bold blue prints pop! 

Bey: Queen of POP!

Just we thought Pepsi couldn’t be any sweeter, they decided to grace their can with Beyonce. We’re super excited to see what Beyonce and Pepsi have in store for 2013! 

We love this ad; and how cool is her limited edition Pepsi can! Her hair is definitely making a statement; girls still run the world. Re-create your own blonde ambition using our Hysteria collection in Platinum.


The Reverse Ombre!

One of the newest trends in hair is the reverse Ombre.  Achieve this by having your stylist transcend your color from light at the top to dark at the bottom.  While the reverse Ombre does require a bit more commitment to color because it’s closer to your roots it makes for amazing hair! Give it a try ladies!

Beyonce's fab flats


Everyone knows how great women look in heels, but unfortunately it takes a toll on your feet. Take a break from your amazing heels by wearing even cuter flats! Lately, Beyonce has been spotted in chic flats with great motifs and modern prints! Check out Marc Jacobs for a range of fashionably flats.

Extension Etiquette 101!

  • If your weave itches, pat rather than scratching in order to relieve the itch. Patting is a great technique because it will leave your style undisturbed. When using this technique please do so gently and discreetly.
  • After shampoo & conditioning your weave be sure to make sure that the braids underneath are completely dry. If the braids are not dried completely it can be damaging to your hair. It’s best to continue going to your stylist for up-keep.  Their hooded dryers will dry your hair completely and quickly. 
  • Your daily night routine is just as important as your morning  one. Whether it’s pin curls, two-strand twists, braids or wrapping in a circular motion; do the best technique necessary to maintain your style. Lastly, always wear a silk scarf or bonnet.