5 Ways to Play Up Your Pony

Tired of your normal pinned up ponytail style? Try these 5 pick me up’s to take your pony from sleek to chic:

1) Braid the base: Use a tiny section of your ponytail to create a braid and wrap it around the exposed hair tie to disguise it.

2) Curl and Tease: This works best with a low side ponytail to give it a romantic soft look.

3) Add a headband or printed scarf: Dare to be wild by adding a nice accessory to catch an eye or two.

4) Create volume at the top: Play with the crown and sides to create a hump that gives you mega volume. Think Adele!

5) Braid it all up: Use the remaining hair from your ponytail to create a nice full braid that gives you a fashion forward around the way girl look!