Protecting your Leave Out

Trying to blend natural hair with extensions of a different texture can be damaging to our hair. We constantly put heat on it to straighten or curl our locks to match that silky smooth texture of our PURE Straight and PURE Curly hair. We have six solutions to help you on your journey to healthy hair. 

1. Use a heat protectant:

Using a heat protectant can help prevent heat damage to your hair. Apply a small amount of our French Argan oil. It will help silken your edges and avoid frying your hair.


2. Try BOUNCE Natural Roots: If you love the soft silky locks in the PURE Collection but are afraid it won't blend with your hair, try our BOUNCE Natural Roots hair. It will give you a thicker texture 3-5 inches from the weft then it gradually turns into our PURE Straight texture to flawlessly blend with your natural hair. You'll be sure to use less heat with this hair.


3. Use a crown (closures):

To completely avoid using heat on your natural hair use a closure. Choose a closure that matches the texture of your extensions. This will make your weave look natural and your hair will be completely protected.


4. Wear a cute scarf:

This is always our go to method if we're having a bad hair day. Brush those edges back and slick them down with a little edge control then tie a cute colorful scarf around your head to mimic the look of a headband or ribbon.Photo credit: 


5. Try twists or braids

If you wear extensions with a tighter curl pattern, forget about curling your hair every morning. Simply twist or braid your hair to match the type of curl you're wearing. Take it down and blend it with your extensions in the morning.


6. Roll it Up

If the twist and braid method doesn't give you the blend you want, try small flexi rods. Roll your hair with small to medium size flexi rod (depending on your hair length and how big you want the curl). Be sure that your hair is damp or that you use a mousse or leave in conditioner to define the curl. Let them dry overnight and take them down in the morning