Ways to Style Indique's Product of the Month PURE Wavy


Indique's PURE Wavy texture is very versatile. The PURE collection is completely natural, so you are able to flat iron it straight and still be able to regain the original curl pattern. 

PURE Wavy is one of many celebrities favorite hair textures, so let's see how they wear PURE Wavy in their own unique way. 
Ciara is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" in a fun ponytail with a braid.  

Ciara is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" in a fun ponytail with a braid.  

Rihanna is wearing two tubes of custom colored PURE Wavy 24"

Rihanna is wearing two tubes of custom colored PURE Wavy 24"

Jennifer Hudsons rocks a sassy short cut using Indique's PURE Wavy 10" 

Jennifer Hudsons rocks a sassy short cut using Indique's PURE Wavy 10" 

   Azealia Banks Is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" with a custom color.


Azealia Banks Is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" with a custom color.

Show us how you wear Indique's PURE Wavy using the hashtags #indiquehair #PUREWavy . To shop PURE Wavy click here. 

March Madness!

Just in case you haven't been able to stop by one of our boutiques or check out our Instagram page, here's a quick recap of what you've missed so far this month and what else we have in store! 

We joined in on all of the fun in NYC at the International Beauty Show, demonstrating live installs on our beautiful models, including Tracy G from Sway in the Morning and Niki McGloster from Hypehair.com!

We started our It's Natural campaign with a bang! We hosted our social media contest where followers were able to share their natural hair stories for a chance to win two tubes of Indique hair! The LUCKY winner was announced on St. Patrick's Day! 

We also held our first ever Curlfriends beauty extravaganza at Indique Silver Spring. Our amazing host, YouTube personality and vlogger, Naptural Nicole talked all things natural hair with all of our "curlfriends" who attended while they enjoyed drinks and light refreshments. We also raffled off a tube of hair! This event will be held at a few of other boutiques so keep a look out for details on a Curlfriends event near you! 

For our stylists we also have our Pro Education Series, where our Indique Pros teach and demonstrate hair weaving techniques on live models. Our upcoming sessions will be taking place in Boston and Houston.

Last but not least, we have our Product of the Month promotion. In honor of all of our curly girls, BOUNCE Organic Curl 14" is 15% of for the entire month of March! 

Ride The Wave

The versatility that a wavier hair texture can provide is endless. Wavy hair textures can be chic and sassy, yet still give you the conservative edge that you may desire. Don’t worry, wavy textures look fabulous in different lengths so you don’t have to limit yourself to longer tresses. Try something new, like a shorter, colored bob similar to Ciara’s look pictured below.  All of the wavy looks in the photos below can be achieved by using Indique’s Pure Wavy texture.

Step Out in Style

During the winter season it is possibly difficult to stay stylish and warm. Thigh high boots have managed to make its way into 2014 and it seems as though they are here to stay. Several female celebrities have managed to make a bold and fierce statement with a thigh high boot. Whether you wear them over cute tights, your favorite leggings or a pair of jeans, they are sure to be a hit. Feel free to opt for comfort and style with a nice pair of thigh high boots.

thigh high boots.png

New Year's Hair Resolution

It's a new year and I'm sure you've made countless resolutions in efforts to make 2014 better than the last. Don't forget about your mane in the process. Here are some great hair resolutions:


1. Moisturize, Moisturize & Moisturize
Especially during the dry winter months, don't leave your hair high and dry. Our French Argan Oil is great to use on your hair and scalp without weighing it down.

2. What the doctor ordered
Your biweekly hair appointment are just as important as your doctor or dentist appointments. You will notice that you will have healthier and fuller hair and be able to treat any damage before it's even visible. Don't wait until your hair is falling  out or breaking to see your beautician.

3. Make the cut
You should be trimming your ends every 6-8 weeks. Don't avoid this just because you don't want to sacrifice your length; you're only making it worst. Think of it like this...Would you not trim down your fingernail that cracked because you want to keep the length? In the end the whole nail ends up getting weaker.

4. Sleeping beauty
Always sleep with a satin scarf or pillow. Other materials can be harsh on your hair and can contribute to breakage especially around your edges.

5. Don't be afraid to try something new
Have you been wearing the same style for the past 3 years? The beginning of the year is a great time to step out of the box. Try a new color or cut! You can be missing out on a look that may be extremely flattering on you by staying in your comfort zone. 

Hot Hair Recap: People's Choice Awards 2014

Last night the stars were out! The People's Choice Awards was booming with fashionable ensembles and hot hair. Queen Latifah stole the show with her bouncy, blonde bob (say that three times fast!) as she stepped up to the podium and accepted her award for Favorite New Talk Show Host. Co-host Kat Dennings switched up her looks throughout the night and her styles were nothing short of amazing. Here are some photos of our award-winners from last night:

Queen Latifah

Kat Dennings 

Kat Dennings 

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Naya Rivera 

Naya Rivera 

Highlights From Last Season-Kelly Rowland

As 2014 gets off to an amazing start, we know you're looking for some HAIRspiration! Last season on X Factor, the Beautiful Kelly Rowland kept us in awe week after week with her fabulous Indique hairstyles, all of which were created by the great Cesar Ramirez using PURE Wavy and PURE Straight. Here are some of our favorite looks from the season!