Winter Style Guide

The winter months are approaching and we're constantly faced with the dilemma of being warm or being fashionable. Why not be both? There are ways to dress fashionable in the winter while staying warm.

Here are a few options:


1. Uggs- Everyone may not be a fan of the classic Ugg Australia boots but they are one of the warmest boots on the market. The gloves and earmuffs work wonders in the winter as well. If you think the classic boot is more of an eye sore than a fashionable statement then try different style boots from Ugg. They make over the knee leather boots with the same plush material that the classic boots have on the inside.

2.Knee High Socks- The over the knee look is very "in" this season. If your current boots aren't keeping you warm enough then buy a pair of thick knee high or over the knee socks. They come in several different colors and materials. You can change the color and style you rock every day of the week.


3. Leather, studs and buckles- Leather, studs and buckles have been very fashionable lately. We've been wearing leather joggers, skirts and shorts since the summer. Why not transfer some of that sizzling style to your winter wardrobe? Motorcycle boots and combat boots are still in style this season. Most of them are made of leather and are embellished with black, gold or silver studs and buckles. Grab a pair of these and you'll definitely heat up your winter with style