Holiday Accessories

Cold months are upon us and Christmas and New Year's Day are approaching us. Here are some style tips and accessories that will spruce up your look for the holiday season.

1. Sparkly nail polish:

You'll be doing a lot of hugging, kissing and handshaking with family and friends this holiday. Accesorize your chic holiday look with a sparkly nail polish that'll brighten up the room.


2. Peppermint fragrances

 If you like the scent of candy canes you're in luck. Peppermint scented body scrubs and lotions will give you a glorious holiday scent while moisturizing your skin.


3. Decorative headbands and hair clips

Using hair accessories is a great way to dress up your outfit. Wear a simple outfit with a rhinestone encrusted hair accessory if you don't feel like dressing up for the holiday celebration.


4.The perfect clutch purse

No need to worry about hauling your oversized purse with you to your office party. A clutch purse is the perfect type of bag to carry to a holiday party. You'll be able to eat and drink all while holding your purse under your arm.