Tips and Tricks When Using Flexi Rods

Want to stay away from the heat from this summer? Try using Flexi Rods! The greatest invention for hair ever!  Flexi Rods are  foam rollers that bend, maneuver, and lock in place. They come in various colors to indicate varying sizes. These allow you to create a barrel curl without applying heat to your hair. Just be sure to use a light smoothing and frizz-free product while wrapping your hair around the rod. Make sure to wrap the hair on the rod from root to tip, then bend the rod so that the hair does not slip off. Flexi Rods are great for super curly hair as well as slighty wavy hair. Great for preserving loose big curls as well as creating tight curls. Try using the foam rods on our Product of the Month, BOUNCE Deep Wave for a heatless summer style!