Throwback Thursday: A Rose is Still A Rose

Thursdays have officially become the day to post your favorite images from the past, under the hash-tag 'Throwback Back Thursday'. We decided to get in on the action and share our own #TBT moment! In 1998, Aretha Franklin released her most critically acclaimed and best selling album, A Rose is Still A Rose. The song peaked at #30 on the Billboard charts, as it proclaimed the empowering message of self-worth and esteem in the face of adversity and less desirable circumstances. The video for her featured single is a story of one woman's journey from innocence to 'real life', and reassures the viewer that one's definition of them self is found within themselves rather than the world's view of them. The main character played by Elise Neal, is seen wearing red throughout the journey, symbolizing her "Rose" status never leaves, even as her state of mind, situations, personal perspective, and emotions fluctuate. This single delivers such a sense of strength and warmth, as it reminds each woman that while we are not perfect, we are forever beautiful. Have a feel good #TBT, as you take a listen to A Rose is Still a Rose.