Trick to Smoother Skin: Body Brushing

“What in the world is Body Brushing?” If that question instantly came to mind after viewing the title please do not fret. Body brushing is a technique that increases the blood circulation to the skin, sheds dead skin cells, stimulates nerve endings and could possibly reduce cellulite. Body brushing is literally taking a natural bristle brush (not nylon or synthetic) and working in gentle circular motions over dry skin. This smoothing method should begin at the ankles in an upward motion then work its way up to the heart. Lymphatic fluid flows throughout the body in the same direction so this motion is key when body brushing. After the body is brushed thoroughly wash away the dead skin cells and impurities by taking a luke-warm shower. Once the body is clean and dry, apply your favorite moisturizer to lock in the smoothness.  Try this for 30 consecutive days and we guarantee your body will thank you for it!