Trick to Smoother Skin: Body Brushing

“What in the world is Body Brushing?” If that question instantly came to mind after viewing the title please do not fret. Body brushing is a technique that increases the blood circulation to the skin, sheds dead skin cells, stimulates nerve endings and could possibly reduce cellulite. Body brushing is literally taking a natural bristle brush (not nylon or synthetic) and working in gentle circular motions over dry skin. This smoothing method should begin at the ankles in an upward motion then work its way up to the heart. Lymphatic fluid flows throughout the body in the same direction so this motion is key when body brushing. After the body is brushed thoroughly wash away the dead skin cells and impurities by taking a luke-warm shower. Once the body is clean and dry, apply your favorite moisturizer to lock in the smoothness.  Try this for 30 consecutive days and we guarantee your body will thank you for it!


Instant Face Lift!

Does your skin look dull and flaky? Do you ever wonder how to can get sexy dewy skin? Try a microdermabrasion treatment! It’s sure to slough away those dead skin cells, promote new skin cell turn-over which is great for anti-aging, and erase away some of those dark spots from acne scarring or too much sun. You can get a microdermabrasion treatment done at your dermatologist office or your local day spa. Do your research first to assure that you are getting this procedure done by a licensed professional.



Dull & Tired Skin???

No worries… check out these skin miracle workers below! They are sure to deliver hydration, anti-aging benefits, skin clarity, and a sexy glow that everyone will notice!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir- When on the go, please have this product handy in your purse and ready to spray! It’s light, smells like heaven, and delivers hydration. Spray on before and after you make-up application. Also, spray throughout the day if you have very dry skin.

LaMer Moisturizing Cream- Anti-Aging! Simply put… a miracle in a jar!

Amore Pacific- This skin care line promotes new skin cell turn-over and delivers anti-aging benefits hours after application. You can’t go wrong with Amore Pacific.



Get Me Bodied

Looking for that nice summer glow?  Try giving your skin a little extra TLC for the upcoming season by following these three steps:

1)      Exfoliate:  Using a mild exfoliant like Organicapure’s Delicate Body Scrub use circular movements to buff away dead skin that you may have picked up during the winter months.

2)      Rejuvenate: Reward your skin with a great Anti-Oxidant Cream that will repair damage caused by harsh climates. We love Hylunia Ultimate Antioxidant Cream.

3)      Hydrate:  Lastly get glowing by applying a rich cream like Belle Butter’s Unyevu Butter.  The butter made of mango, apricot, and neem oil helps to nourish the skin without the heavy texture found in most winter lotions.


Get Glowing

If your bronzer isn’t giving you enough glow try giving your natural glow a little TLC.  We love Perricone MD’s Blue Plasma.  The “un-peel” resurfaces and unveils new skin by unclogging and purifying your skin cells all in one application.  It’s gentle enough to use daily with your own skin regimen and strong enough to help extract your skin cells to reveal beautiful healthy glowing skin! What more could a girl ask for?