Indique Style: Effortless Beauty

Anyone spot Zoe Kravitz’s in Eleven Paris Spring 2011 Campaign? Daughter of Rockstar Lenny Kravitz and Actress Lisa Bonet shows that sometimes looking amazing is simply effortless. She’s definitely rocking a shag look with all the right layers.

Try this wake-up and go look with Indique’s Bounce Collection’s Relaxed Straight in 10 inches. Have your stylist cut short layers and a long bang, you’ll feel like a rockstar in no time!

Product Review: Amika Ceramic Styler


We recently used the Amika Ceramic 1.5” Styler to straighten out  Indique BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture.  We love how this flat iron silkens out the hair! It also gets hot quickly, you don’t have to let it ‘sit’ and get hot like with most flat irons.

You can benefit a lot from this flat iron. It allows for many hairstyles to be created: straight, volume, curls, waves, or flips. It’s a good weight and size,; good for traveling. This fabulous flat iron is only $160.00 and is available here.

How to use on Indique Hair:

Sleek and Straight

Here are four easy steps to keep your Indique BOUNCE Collection Relaxed Straight hair and want to keep it silky and straight:

Step 1:  Part your hair in sections
Step 2:  Use a rat tail comb and comb through the hair
Step 3:  Take your Amika Ceramic Styler and iron your hair from root to tip.
Step 4:  Once you have reach the tip your hair should look and feel soft and silky!