New Year, BIG Hair!

Ring in the New Year the right way, by making a BIG statement. 

However you plan to style your hair for the big night, make sure to crank up the volume a couple notches for a stand out look that’s sure to turn heads.

To get the look of Beyonce, you can style your hair with big rollers. After you release the rollers, you can tilt your head down and use a blow dryer and barrel brush to create more volume.

The necessary tool for this look is a great hair spray! We recommend Spritz & Stay by Big Sexy Hair.

I am a huge fan of long waves! Here at Indique, we love Amika’s wave wand. You will get J.Lo’s look in no time!

Layers can add instant volume to your hair without tons of styling. It’s a new year ladies, treat yourself to a healthy cut!

Get the Tracee Ellis Ross Look!

Hi ladies, so we have been receiving tons of questions on how to achieve the “Tracee Ellis Ross” look. She is known for the two looks below:

This look can be achieved with Indique Hair’s PURE Curly. If you blow dry your hair and apply sponge rollers at night, the next morning you will have this effortless look. You can also have your stylist do a “wash & set” to get the same look.

This iconic look can be achieved with the BOUNCE collection Coil Curl. Simply allow your hair to air dry and finger tease the curls into the shape that you want. You can also use an Amika Clip Free Curler and get the first look by taking sections of your hair and twirling it. The BOUNCE Coil Curl will give you both of Tracee’s looks!

Product Review: Amika Ceramic Styler


We recently used the Amika Ceramic 1.5” Styler to straighten out  Indique BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture.  We love how this flat iron silkens out the hair! It also gets hot quickly, you don’t have to let it ‘sit’ and get hot like with most flat irons.

You can benefit a lot from this flat iron. It allows for many hairstyles to be created: straight, volume, curls, waves, or flips. It’s a good weight and size,; good for traveling. This fabulous flat iron is only $160.00 and is available here.

How to use on Indique Hair:

Sleek and Straight

Here are four easy steps to keep your Indique BOUNCE Collection Relaxed Straight hair and want to keep it silky and straight:

Step 1:  Part your hair in sections
Step 2:  Use a rat tail comb and comb through the hair
Step 3:  Take your Amika Ceramic Styler and iron your hair from root to tip.
Step 4:  Once you have reach the tip your hair should look and feel soft and silky!