Trend Alert- Leather Harness!

Ladies look out for the leather harness trend. Harrnesses and corseting have proven an interesting micro-trend on the runways, giving feminine dresses some edge to skintight ensembles. Ladies how do you feel about this trend? Share your feedback with us on twitter @iloveindique!

Best Kept Secret: ASOS!


Have you noticed certain stars like Emily B rocking amazing print jumpsuits? Thanks to FASHIONBOMBDAILY.COM, we know where to get similar looks. This fun cat suit is sold at The UK company has an array of great must haves for men and women at a great price! Don’t worry, they ship to the US!


Casually Chic Hi-Tops

Hi-Tops make a re-appearance this season in new pastels and feminine inspired designs.  Feel free to pair them with a nice flirty blouse and jeans or a cute graphic tee and jeans on a down day.  Check out a couple of our fav picks here.