Festival Ready Accessories

With some of the most amazing music festivals right around the corner, our music-lovers probably have very similar checklists. We're here to make sure that you don't forget the most important thing. Your accessories can make or break you music festival experience. Between showing off your sense of style, the weather and the insane amounts of dancing that you'll be doing, you want to make sure all of your grounds are covered. 






Scarves & Shades 

Festival Ready Philly

Today at Indique Philadephia there were tons of lights, cameras, (ok well only one camera) and action as we filmed a Beauty & Style Guide to help everyone prepare for a look that's fit for a good festival time! Philadelphia's Indique Pro Stylist, Kia Sterling, demonstrated how easy it is to achieve BIG and fun hair using her favorite texture Bounce Coil Curl. Stay on the look out for the video at the boutique on 1607 South Street, Phila, PA 19146 once it goes live!