Some Color Fun with STUDIO Collection Fishnet

Checkout Indique Soho Client Liaison Errica who loves rocking her STUDIO Collection PURE Curly 16" Fishnet. First Indique Soho resident stylist, Joyce, lifted the natural color with an ombre effect. Then I used ManicPanic's Vampire Red and a mix of Vampire Red & Cotton Candy at the ends. This summer is the time to have some fun with color! 

Indique Soho 258.JPG
Indique Soho 259.JPG
Indique Soho 262.JPG

Recap: Pro Education Series-Color Trends with Carla Clarkson

Yesterday afternoon, the first Pro Education Series at  Indique Soho, Flagship Boutique,   kicked off with the Color Trends Course sponsored by Manic Panic. Philly based stylist Carla Clarkson of Marki Starr Agency and Salon lead the course in demonstrating how to achieve the current, hottest color trends. Check out the pictures below. Stay tuned for more Pro Ed courses coming soon!