Face Framing Highlights

Tired of the Ombre trend? Then opt for brighter face-framing sections of hair, instead of dyed tips.

Adding slight highlights in the front of your hair will draw attention to her gorgeous face. Liven up your base with the highlights. Try sun-kissed highlights in a slightly deeper golden tone. It adds color without overdoing it. Subtle honey and caramel highlights also perk up your complexion.

DIY Messy Braid!

Set off your ombre hair color or long face-framing length with a messy low braid. To get this look at home, braid hair as usual and then use the pointed end of a rat-tail comb to loosen select pieces. Viola! Instant glam in under a minute!

Re-Vamp Your Indique Look With Color

Spring into the season by adding some color to your Indique hair.  Pictured above Pure Curly hair was lightened by NJ Stylist Sa’Rah Davis using a highlighting technique for one look and an Ombre effect for the other.  An added pop of color will be just what you need to warm you up for the new season.  If you aren’t ready to take the plunge by coloring your extensions try highlighting with the Hysteria Collection or a Perfect 10 Clip Set.