Ciara "I Bet" Music Video

Ciara recently debuted her first post-baby music video and we are in awe! She looks absolutely amazing and her hair looks flawless! Cesar Ramirez took 30 inches of PURE Wavy and made magic.  Check out the vidoe below: 

Download the single at iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: (c) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Ciara #amfAR Look

Every year, celebs from all over come out an support amfAR's all red fashion show. amfAR plays a vital role in AIDS research, identifying critical gaps in our knowledge of HIV and AIDS, and supporting groundbreaking studies that often lack the preliminary data required by more traditional funders.

This year, Ciara showed out! Wearing 30" of PURE Wavy styled by Celebrity Hair Stylist- Cesar Ramirez, Ciara was radiant in red! 

Throwback Thursday: My Goodies

This week's #IndiqueTBT comes from our fave, Ciara in her debut video "My Goodies". This song was the perfect summertime jam, and her dance moves had everyone wanting to do the matrix. We especially love her hair color, and style in this video, which is effortless, young, and fabulous. This song is timeless, and is guaranteed to be a staple in our summer mix tapes. Check out this throwback from our girl, Ciara!

Glitz, Glamour, + Grunge of the 90's are Back!

We might wish for new episodes of our favorite 90’s TV shows but we certainly don’t have to wish for the clothes, because '90s fashion has made a comeback. Now, in a revamped, 2013 kind of way. 

Plaid, Printed LeggingsPlatform Shoes, Crop Tops,  Doc Martens,  Overalls, Neon anything,  Scrunchie,  Ripped jeans,  Mules,  Floral babydoll dresses, Door-knockers,  Body-conscious minis, and lace are what’s Happening!

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Face Framing Highlights

Tired of the Ombre trend? Then opt for brighter face-framing sections of hair, instead of dyed tips.

Adding slight highlights in the front of your hair will draw attention to her gorgeous face. Liven up your base with the highlights. Try sun-kissed highlights in a slightly deeper golden tone. It adds color without overdoing it. Subtle honey and caramel highlights also perk up your complexion.

5 Ways to Add Flair to Your Hair

Sometimes a new look is just what we need to spruce up our look. Check out these simple 5 ways to take your hair from drab to fab:

1) Add Color: Whether it be an ever so daring ombre or subtle pop of color with highlights, changing your hair color can give your hair an instant make over.  Try asking your stylist to install a color from our Hysteria or Keratique collection.

2) Revamp Your Cut: Try applying fringe layers to your style. Angling your layers over one eye or opting for long lash sweeping bangs gives you instant sexy hair.

3) Change up Your Length: Instead of going for your normal 16” tube of Pure Wavy take a plunge and try the 20.” Elongating your hair length will give you a new look without any commitment to color or change in texture. On the opposite end if you always go for longer hair try a mid length or short bob to quickly change up your normal look.

 4) Layer Your Mane: Layers create movements and nothing draws attention to your hair like body; create your own wind ladies!

5) Straighten it Out: Straight hair that looks healthy and well maintained always turns head. Try using our Zen Straight texture a dime size amount of our Argan Oil Moisturizer and a durable flat iron. If you always opt for big body waves or curls, going straight will help to draw attention to your facial features and will also complement that great new eye shadow or lipstick you’ve been dying to break out.

Then and Now is more than an Instagram trend, try adding some flair to your Indique hair and tweet us a photo!

Ciara gets glammed up for Movie Premiere!


Check out this Behind-the-Scenes video of Ciara getting ready for the red carpet premiere of “That’s My Boy”, styled by celebrity stylist Cesar Ramirez.

To acheieve Ciara’s beach babe blonde, have your stylist custom-color PURE Wavy!

 Cesar Ramirez is a celebrity stylist & Creative Director at Dop Dop Salon in Soho. For booking information, please contact 212.965.9540.

Ciara Rocks her Indique in Promo Pics!

Celebrity stylist, Cesar Ramirez, custom colored Ciara’s PURE Wavy for the “One Woman Army” promotion pictures. Ciara’s ombre adds great dimension to her ensemble!

 Cesar Ramirez is a celebrity stylist & Creative Director at Dop Dop Salon in Soho. For booking information, please contact 212.965.9540.

Indique Style: The Grammy's + The Middle Part


Was it just us or did you notice the great deal of middle parts at this year’s Grammy’s? Celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Kim K. and Jada Pinkett Smith all rocked the middle part. Besides the Grammy’s isn’t as formal as the Oscars and all of the updos that come along with it. The celebs let their hair down letting their easy breezy hair compliment all the glitz and glam.

On one of those nights when you’re looking super glamorous try to counter your outfit with a simple sleek middle part. Instead of the focus being on particular parts of your look it’ll be all on you!


Indique Style: Dramatic Two Tone


Celebs such as Ciara and Rihanna rocked the dramatic two toned trend. Sample the drama without the commitment. Keep your luxurious dark shade and add some peek-a-boo highlights using removable hair extensions. Simply snap open the clip, position it at the roots and then snap it closed. Make sure you place each clip under a layer of hair to conceal it.

Want to achieve this look? Try the STUDIO Collection’s Fishnet Colored Straight to add the drama to your look in a snap!

Indique Style: The Perfect Ponytail


We love Ciara’s clean ponytail. To achieve this look, try our Straight hair from our Pure Collection in 20”, and flatiron bone straight.Be sure to go very light on product so the hair has body and tons of movement.

Want a change but love the idea of this easy style?Separate your ponytail into four sections and curl with Flexi Rods. Leave the rods in overnight, covering with a net to keep them secure.Gently separate the curls and you’ll have a sexy and vivacious new style!


Ciara in Essence Wearing Wavy

Ciara takes it to the next level wearing wavy textured hair in Essence’s August issue.  To pull off Ciara’s look; use two tubes of Indique’s Pure Collection Wavy Texture in 18 inches.  To achieve her tousled look, smooth out your wavy hair with a flat iron and slightly bend the flat iron as you approach the ends.  Click below to view more images…

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