Love Your Locks

Ladies never forget to tend to your natural precious locks underneath your hair extensions. Philadelphia’s partner stylist Zina Johnson, is great at maintaining her clients natural hair underneath their weave. The pictures below are of one of Zina’s clients wearing our pure curly hair for 4 months and when her hair was uninstalled, her natural hair was just as fabulous thanks to Zina! Don’t forget that getting a sew in weave is an excellent protective hair style. Use it to your full advantage and take care of your hair so that it can thrive when your weave comes out! If you are located in the Philadelphia area, visit Zina at her salon Hair 4 U located on south street.

Great Tips to Protect your Hairline!

Being a weaveanista has its advantages from versatility with textures to creativity with color.  Some of us love our weaves so much that we often neglect our hair that is exposed including our edges and oh so delicate hair line.  To help maintain the health of your edges try these steps:


Avoid tension.  This includes anything that will pull on delicate areas of your hair such as ponytails, top knots, or braiding.  These styles are great to try but not on a consistent basis.  Pulling in the same areas over time can cause traction alopecia.  Instead opt to wear these styles once in a while and try to keep areas of the hair line out in a “messy” yet polished look. It is also important to  change your braid placement during installs to avoid tension in the same area.


Moisturize and protect.  For the areas of your hairline that are left out make sure that you moisturize the hair and use heat protecting spray when hot styling.  Also be sure to use lower heat levels on hot tools when applying heat to your own hair and not the extensions.


Give it a break.  As much as we love our extensions, every girl needs a break to allow her hair to breathe.  Using clip in’s such as the Studio Fishnet or Perfect 10 Clip Set, allow you to remove your extensions with ease and give your real hair some TLC.  Clips will also allow you to follow up with weekly conditioning treatments and eliminate tension on your hairline in areas where you may have breakage.

Remember hair extensions are a great accessory but having a healthy mane is a necessity!