Gaga over Gaga's New "Fame" Perfume!

Ladies we Love Love Love everything that has to do with Miss Lady Gaga and this time it’s her new perfume trailers! Gaga released two new trailers which are edgy, dark, daring, and theatrical. Our first time watching the videos it was so intriguing that we wanted to grab a bowl of pop corn! What makes this trailer so unique is that normally perfume ads are pretty and/or sexy, but not this fragrance ad. Fame is available at now.

Is Green the new Black?

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Amber Rose have been spotted lately wearing gorgeous shades of green! So far this spring has been the season for great color. Greens, blues, pastel purples, and bold yellows are on trend for this season.



As my 6 closest girlfriends and I convened in the living room for one last “Girl, how do I look?” session, before a night on the town in DC, I couldn’t help but notice a small, yet significant, similarity between us. Either we all used the same tube of lipstick, or we all have identical taste in make-up. So, I did a little research and there’s definitely a lipstick trend unfolding in 2012 for that “luscious plum lip look” (try saying that 3 times!) From Rihanna to Solange and across to Lady GaGa and model Chanel Iman, many of our favorite kissable cuties are putting the spark back into the darker lipstick shades. 

12 Days of Gaga!

Lady Gaga is set to have a pop up shop in Barney’s New York. This workshop will open on November 21st at 11:59pm. Candy lipsticks, malted milk balls, chocolate poker face chips, disco stick lollipops, hair bow headbands, press on nails, and much more will be sold from November 21st- January 2nd. Prices will range from $6 chocolate christmas ornaments to $4,100 pairs of Lady Gaga inspired black shoes. Who’s joining me in this grand opening?

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Rounded or Squared?

Have you ever been asked “rounded or squared” at the nail salon? Well I have, and I usually say sqaured, but lately, all of my favorite celebrities have been spotted with rounded nails! Essence Magazine’s October issue explains that “longer nails and almond shapes are at the forefront for fall”. They also suggest that nude colors are the go to hues for this season. I will be trying a longer rounded nail, but sorry Essence, I have to rock my Indique Pink!

Grammy's goes Goo goo for GAGA


Arriving in an egg, Lady Gaga delivers again. “Born this way”, a song dedicated to her creative nature, was performed during the Grammy’s along with a futuristic and symbolic dance. Gaga sported a long ponytail as well as horns growing out of her shoulders and forehead. A little bit more subdued than expected, Lady Gaga gave a racy, yet artistic performance! Indique goes goo goo for Gaga!


Can Curlers

Lady Gaga never ceases to display innovative hairstyles. In her  new video “Telephone” ft. Beyonce she bring a whole new meaning to curls that “pop” using diet coke cans as rollers.

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