Juice Up Your Diet!

If your not big on fruits and veggies, but want an easy way to include them in your diet. Juicing would be a great option for you. This also a good meal supplement. Juices should not contain no more than 120-300 calories. If you are thinking about giving this a try here are a few things you should know and expect. 

1. Mix and Match: Aim to eat two whole fruits a day and three to four vegetables a day. Choose them in different colors so you could get a good mix of vitamins and minerals. 

2. Fiber Factor: Keep in mind when you juice, you don't get the fiver that's in whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing machines extract the juice and leave behind the pulp, which has fiber. However, you can add some of the fiber into the juice or you can use it in cooking your weekly meals. 

3. Juicing Machines: Now you don't have to get the most expensive juicer. One that is $50 can do the same amount of work as one that is $300. Just be mindful that certain juicers can break down a lot of the fruit by grinding the core, rind and seeds. If you rather not purchase a juicer, you can opt for a blender. If you are using a blender just be sure to add water so that your mixture is not as thick.  

If you are going to include juicing into your diet, just be sure to get enough fiber and protein so that you don't have the urge to rebel and if your not getting enough protein you may loose muscle mass. 

Top 5 Diets That Work!

Click here to view the entire list! 

Click here to view the entire list! 

So, the new year is here and you're looking for the perfect diet to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle. Look no further, we're here to help! US News & World Report has just released the 2014 list of best diets. These diets were ranked based on how easy they are to follow, nutrition, and how safe and they are for weight loss and overall health. According to U.S. News, these are the top five: 

#1: The DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet was developed to fight high blood pressure, not as an all-purpose diet. But it certainly looked like an all-star to our panel of experts, who gave it high marks for its nutritional completeness, safety, ability to prevent or control diabetes, and role in supporting heart health. Though obscure, it beat out a field full of better-known diets.

#2: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, or TLC is a very solid diet plan created by the National Institutes of Health. It has no major weaknesses, and it’s particularly good at promoting cardiovascular health. One expert described it as a “very healthful, complete, safe diet.” But it requires a “do-it-yourself” approach, in contrast to the hand-holding provided by some commercial diets.

#3 (Tie): With its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish, and other healthy fare, The Mediterranean Diet is eminently sensible. And experts’ assessments of it were resoundingly positive, giving this diet an edge over many competitors.

#3 (Tie): The Mayo Clinic Diet is the Mayo Clinic’s take on how to make healthy eating a lifelong habit. It earned especially high ratings from our experts for its nutrition and safety and as a tool against diabetes. Experts found it moderately effective for weight loss.

#3 (Tie): Weight Watchers  is a smart, effective diet. It surpassed other commercial diet plans in multiple areas, including short- and long-term weight loss and how easy it is to follow. It’s also nutritionally sound and safe, according to experts. Among its pluses: An emphasis on group support, lots of fruits and vegetables, and room for occasional indulgences.


Live Healthy and Snack on Tasty Treats

As women, we constantly are criticized about our weight. Our biggest critic is usually our self. Losing and gaining weight can be frustrating and eliminating our favorite foods from our diet can make us feel deprived. Good news ladies, you can have your favorite foods and still live a healthy lifestyle! It all comes down to eating our guiltiest pleasures in moderation and swapping out the man made foods for natural foods.

Savannah James, wife of NBA player Lebron James, is showing us how we can achieve our dream figure and still snack on our favorite sweet treats. James recently opened a juice bar in Miami called The Juice Spot. You won't feel guilty after ordering at this protein packed juice bar. Items on the menu may include peanut butter and chocolate but the juices and smoothies are meant to provide protein and great taste.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change not a diet.

Mother/daughter duo and fitness gurus Lane and Ellen Ector also show us how we can eat  our traditional soul food meals and keep the pounds off. The Ectors have revamped the way women think about food. Check out some of the photos below:

Treats served at The Juice Spot in Miami. (source: necolebitchie.com)

Ellen Ector's recipe for cupcake sized portions of macaroni and cheese. Find more recipes at blackgirlsworkoutoo.com.