Fit and Fab


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be fit and fabulous. I didn't want to be "too" muscular and I loved everything "beauty." The most famous sprinter off all time "FloJo" is the true queen of Fit and Fab.  I remember the first time I joined the track team, I was scared to lift weight or work out too hard because I didn't want to look like a man. I associated muscles with men and track as manly. It wasn't until I saw FloJo in the Olympics and then seeing her on Tv shows and beauty products. She  was so poised, strong, lady-like all at the same time. I never really saw someone who was so powerful and so beautiful at the same time. That was when I actually considered running track and saw that women can do it all and still be women. 


FloJo had Paul Mitchell endorsement deals! She always had her nails and hair done. She was my role model. To this day people say my twin sister and I remind them of FloJo and that is the biggest compliment ever. I believe that if you look good, you feel good. I always push myself to the limit. No matter what the outcome is, I can always say that I gave it my best shot. Being fit should be apart of everyone's life. No matter what size you are, there is nothing better than setting a goal and working hard to accomplish it. If you are not heathy, you cannot be happy. As a grown woman, I learned to love my body and my strength. Having muscles does not make you manly. Women with muscles are cool!!