Home is Where the Heart Is

Even though it is a blessing to travel around the world, there is nothing like being on US soil. Penn Relays is one of the biggest relay meets in the world. Most people in the US do not get a chance to experience a professional track meet or take it seriously. Penn Relays give the US fans a glimpse of what we experience every week, during the season while competing overseas. 

The stands are packed with excited fans, anticipating their favorite runner burn up the track and celebrate across the finish line. Penn Relays gives a feeling of professional football game. Everyone is screaming, long lines, different vendors, your favorite track star signing autographs and there's nothing like the sound of the gun when the race goes and the crown goes wild. I wish there were more events like this and more television coverage in the US. Track and field can be a great career and outlet for the youth and adults. When are competing over seas, people know our name and have autograph cards waiting for us. When we come back to the US people ask if track is even "real" sport and ask if we get paid. Not knowing that we just stayed in a five star hotel, made thousands of dollars and had thousands of fans screaming our names the day before lol. Hopefully, track and field will one day be embraced or recognized my the American fans. Until then, I will continue to pack my bags and take the long plane rides across the waters. I will always cherish the meets like Penn Relays. Even if it is only once a year, its always good to get the love at home.