Rebecca Romijn at the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show

  Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Andy Lecompte created Rebeccas Romijn’s sexy, touchable bedroom hair for the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show to kick off New York Fashion Week!Here’s how you can recreate this date-ready look, just in time for Valentine’s Day:1.          First, he primed Rebecca’s wet hair with Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier to smooth out hair follicles for the ultimate end-look. 2.          After blowing the hair out with a large round boar bristle brush, he then pinned her hair back in large Velcro rollers for extra flow and volume, letting them sit for 15 minutes3.          To create fluidity and texture, he lightly brushed out her hair and coated her strands with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray for a matte look and a soft hold4.          Her hair was separated into two sections and softly pin-wheeled the hair to bend her curls for a more irregular curl, pressed the coils with his fingers and then let the hair down5.          To finish, he back-combed the hair at the root for added volume and then he sprayed the overall look with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray