Easy Styles You Won't Sweat Out

Keeping your friends waiting while you stare in the mirror for hours trying to figure out what to do with your hair is not exactly our idea of fun. You want something fun and exciting that will scream "life of the party" but also something sophisticated and sexy that won't sweat out on the dance floor (don't fret, it has happened to the best of us). Don’t sweat it girlfriend (pun intended), Indique has you covered.


 1. Let it all hang out!

Photo Credit: Glamour.com

If you’re natural or wearing one of our natural textures like BOUNCE Coil Curl let your hair down. Whether they are tight and short or loose and long, all curls are beautiful. Use a wide tooth comb or a brush to give yourself big hair. This hair style screams “fun.” Don’t worry about sweating this look out. It will allow you to be the dancing disco queen of the night.



 2. Pump up your ponytail!

Photo credit: Glamour.com

Ponytails are the easiest way to move hair off your face and neck. Nobody wants to be the girl with sweaty bangs plastered to her forehead. To avoid sweat ruining your favorite hair-do, tease the top of your hair to add more height and drama. Then pull it into a sleek ponytail. High pony, low pony, side pony, you name it, they all work.


3. Braid it!

We’re not talking about pigtails when we say “braid it.” You’re older, wiser and more sophisticated than your eight-year-old self. Try something new. Be creative. A braid doesn’t have to be a three strand twist at the back of your head. You can style your hair into multiple braids that intertwine into one big braid, try zig-zag braids, attempt fishtails or anything else you can find a tutorial for on Youtube. With this hairstyle you won’t have to worry about detangling your hair after the night club closes.


4. Cut it!

Photo credit:womanmagazine.co.uk

If you have short hair or you’ve been debating whether or not you should cut your hair for the past few months, you should know that short hairstyles are perfect for your upcoming girls’ night out. They are sexy and cut your bathroom time in half. While everyone else is fighting for spot in the mirror trying to get their hair back to pre-dance perfection, you’ll be in and out out of the ladies room. Use hair spray or gels to spike it, tease it or try other fun looks with your cute cut.



5. Have fun with buns!

Another easy way to get the hair off of your face is to style your hair in a bun. There are so many types of buns you can create. Options are endless with this hairstyle so play it up. Wear a high bun if you want to play it safe. Part your hair down the middle or on the side and pair it with a side or back bun to add a little more edge to your look.