How To: Reinvent Your Look

new look.png

It only takes a few details to help spruce up your look. Check out these simple 5 ways to take your hair from drab to fab:
1)Add Color: Whether it be an ever so daring ombre or subtle pop of color with highlights, changing your hair color can give your hair an instant make over. Try asking your stylist to install a color from our Hysteria or Keratique collection.
2)Revamp Your Cut: Try applying fringe layers to your style. Angling your layers over one eye or opting for long lash sweeping bangs, which will give you instant sexy hair.
3)Change up Your Length:  Instead of going for your normal 16” tube of Pure Wavy take a plunge and try the 20” elongating your hair length will give you a new look without any commitment to color or change in texture. Pure Wavy in 20" will also give you long, lustrous waves. On the opposite end if you always go for longer hair try a mid length or short bob to quickly change up your normal look.
4)Layer Your Mane: Layers create movements and nothing draws attention to your hair like body, create your own wind ladies!
5)Straighten it Out: Straight hair that looks healthy and well maintained always turns head. Try using our Zen Straight texture from our Sea Collection, a dime size amount of our Argan Oil Moisturizer and a durable flat iron. If you always opt for big body waves or curls, going straight will help to draw attention to your facial features and will also complement that great new eye shadow or lipstick you’ve been dying to break out.
Then and Now is more than an Instagram trend, try adding some flair to your Indique hair and tweet us a photo!

Hair Art by Artist Ria

"Artist Ria" is an amazing artist based in New York City who is able to capture the beauty of natural hair in her works of art. By simply using her paintbrush, she is able to recreate curl patterns and textures that would remind you of your own! Not only is her work inspiring, it is a true embodiment of pride for the natural hair movement! 

The Grecian Braided Headband

Use Indique’s Zen Straight or Pure Wavy hair to create a healthy long lasting headband. The braided acccesory is versatile, simple to create, and adds some Grecian glam. Follow these easy steps: 

1. Hold the hair and braid it from the wefted root to the ends.

2. Place the braid around your head in the desired style.

3. Pin it in place with a few hair pins.

Who knew hair could have so many different uses!